The event, called 'A Capital Experience', was organised in partnership with Career Ready, a UK wide charity linking employers with schools and colleges to open up the world of work to young people.

In the morning the students joined 1,600 other young people from across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, all of whom are beginning the Career Ready programme. Students heard from motivational speaker Action Jackson as well as Career Ready alumni who have achieved career success. They also participated in a masterclass explaining the importance of communication and network to help get the students ‘career ready’.

As part of their visit to Linkedin the students were able to pick the brains of industry experts in technology and recruitment and enjoyed a guided tour of the offices.

Career Ready offers a programme of masterclasses, mentoring, workplace visits and internships that helps students prepare for the world of work. The IOM Cluster group has been working with Career Ready for four years to help students gain the skills, attitudes and experience they need to succeed in their future careers.

Students commented that the visit was "A 10/10 experience, I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat. We all learned loads about the world of work and I got a few tips on how to get ahead early" remarked Tom O’Hare, this was confirmed by another student, Jack Smith, who said "It was a thoroughly enjoyable and interesting experience for everybody involved".

Anne Spackman, Chief Executive of Career Ready, said: “It is always fantastic to welcome students from right across the country to experience work and life in the capital. We know that for some of them it will have been their first trip to London, and to walk into the glass and marble towers of the capital and realise that they are welcome and that someone like them could work there, is an inspirational moment for students. We hope that moment of inspiration will stay with them throughout the programme and motivate them to aim higher in their future careers".

Jo Davies, Career Ready co-ordinator commented "The minute we arrived into the city the students were engaged and motivated. The Linkedin workplace visit was a great insight into career pathways within the technology sector and how accessible these opportunities are for our students".

The Career Ready programme is funded by Department for Education, Sport & Culture, Department for Enterprise and MICTA.

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