On Thursday 17th May the students of Year 7 had a celebration assembly to reward them for their exceptional progress in the Accelerated Reading programme. The rewards were given out by Mel Keating from the School Association which, with the generous contributions from Peel Co-op, has supported the implementation of the programme.

Together we celebrated the fact that the average students’ reading age has increased by seven months in a four month period. Certificates were given out to the students in each Tutor Group who had read the most words and completed the most quizzes. There were also rewards for the highest estimated reading hours per day. One student, Beatrice Smith, has read over 1 million words and there are a number of other students who are close to becoming ‘word millionaires’. Congratulations also goes to Miss Thompson’s Tutor Group who are currently in the lead.

Well done to all our Year 7 students for making such progress!