Language Immersion Project Feb/March 2018

You may already have heard about this project and been unsure as to whether to get involved. In addition it may have slipped passed you over the busy Christmas period. We still need to attract some host families so please do read on and see if this is a project you and your children might like to get involved in.

This exciting project will see 70 Spanish students and 7 of their teachers visit the Isle of Man between 18thFebruary and 9th March 2018. While here they will develop their English language skills to a higher level. This will be achieved through having to use the language all of the time – at school, at home and on activities and experiences organised to help them do this.

In order for the project to be a success we need 70 families to come forward to take in a Spanish Student over the two and a half weeks. The Spanish student should be treated as a member of the family enjoying trips and family events over the period. In addition, they will attend your child’s school and their classes so truly being immersed in the everyday life of a Manx school student.

In return families and students who offer this support will probably gain a friend for life. In addition, your child will be able to enjoy and partake in the activities which are part of the project. These involve an Outdoor Pursuits experience, finding out more about the culture of the island, learning some new sports skills and also developing their learning skills during a specially designed learning day. There will be a special presentation event at the end of the project where all of the great work by students will be acknowledged. Expenses will be paid to ensure all families can take up the opportunities that this project presents.

If you would like to be part of this exciting project, which will put the Isle of Man on the Map of Educational excellence, then contact by email to register your interest and ask any questions. We have attached a copy of the flyer, which has been available to your child in school before the Christmas holiday, should you require further information. Up to this point we have done well and attracted many families as hosts but we need that extra few to complete the hosting. Please do get in touch if you are interested in hosting a Spanish student - this could also help your child with their Spanish studies and there is also the possibility of an exchange visit to Madrid in the future.

Thanks for taking time to consider this.

All the best,

Andy Fox and Keith James

Language Immersion Project - Island Organisers


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