Instruction for staff and students during covid-19 restrictions
Please read these and stick to them. These regulations are to help meet the advice of Public Health to reduce risk of infection.

There are 3 key rules:
i) Physical distance between people of 2m
ii) Frequent hand-washing/sanitising
iii) Anyone who is ill should not come to school at all.

1. The school has been divided into separate hubs. This is to support contact tracing if needed by reducing the number of people anyone comes into contact with.
2. Staff and students are allocated to a specific hub and must stay in that hub.
3. Each hub has its own entrance, toilets and ‘social’ area.
4. Each hub has its own area for fire evacuation.
5. Each student will be allocated a specific work area in a specific room.
6. They should not enter any other room without permission from a member of staff.
7. Only one person at a time should enter the designated toilet facilities.
8. People should maintain a 2m distance from anyone not in their own household at all times, including on their way to and from school, in the corridors and outside school.

1. All staff and students should wash their hands on arrival, before and after lunch, on departure from school. Sanitiser should be used if hand-washing facilities are not available.
2. Students should not share equipment.
3. Students should wipe down their work area and equipment frequently, especially after sneezing or coughing.
4. Tissues etc should be disposed of safely.

Hub 1 Library – uses main entrance and 2 toilets by hall. Fire evacuation through front door. Line up 2m apart on tennis court where Y10 normally line up. Social area: sports hall
Break 11-11.15 Lunch: 12.30

Hub 2 Upstairs Humanities - rooms 52, 54, 55 – uses door by MFL courtyard and straight up the ‘up’ staircase. 2 Toilets upstairs in humanities. Fire evacuation through same door at bottom of ‘up’ staircase. Line up in groups 2m apart in usual tennis court area where Y9 usually lines up. Social area – sports hall
Break 10.45-11.00 Lunch for those staying all day: 12.35 – one room at a time to dining room

Hub 3 Downstairs MFL - rooms 6,8,10 - use door by SFL into ground floor of MFL block.
2 PE Toilets. Fire evacuation through same door and line up in groups 2m apart where Y12/13 usually line up. Social area – Gym
Break: 11.15-11.30 Lunch for those staying all day: 12.45 one room at a time to dining room

Registration: the member of staff in charge of that room will keep the register and check that all students for that room are accounted for in case of fire evacuation.

Additional information for staff:

1. At start of each session:
One member of staff for each hub should be at the entrance to that hub, directing students to wash hands/sanitise and then go straight to their designated room.
One member of staff should be in the hub making sure students go straight to their designated room once in the area.
Please keep a register of who is in your designated room for each session.
2. Staff on duty are expected to keep to the rules and ensure children also keep to the rules. Please only allow 2 children (1M & 1F) to use the toilets at any one time.
3. When dismissing children for lunch or to leave school, remind them to wipe down their work area, wash their hands and release them so they keep 2m apart (ie do not let them leave at the same time).
4. At break and lunchtime, please supervise the children in your group to make sure they maintain 2m distance and stick to their areas. Arrange with your partner colleague so that you get a break etc in the 4 hour period you are on duty.
5. Your job in the classroom is supervision and support. You are not expected to prepare and teach lessons to the students but to assist them with the remote learning they have been set by colleagues.
6. In the event of fire, please remove all door wedges and shut doors and windows. Escort your group to the designated area, bringing the paper register from the room with you.
7. If a child starts to feel unwell, send SIMS emergency alert to reception. Wait until someone comes to remove the child.

Illness procedures:

If you feel unwell, do not come to school. Telephone school or text Jason or Dave before 8.30am.
If you feel unwell while on duty, or a child feels unwell while in your class group, send emergency alert via SIMS.
A member of the admin team or SLT will go to the room and remove the ill person.
If a member of staff, then SLT will allocate a replacement from the team for that day and send the ill colleague home. Depending on symptoms, the staff member will contact 111 and follow advice given.
If a child is ill, the admin person on duty will contact the parents to collect the child. The child will sit in the ‘visitors’ area by the front doors while waiting to be collected. The SLT member in charge will request parents to inform school of any follow-up advice from GP or Public Health.