*Sixth Form interviews will be held on Friday 23rd August in the Sixth Form Block. Please attend GCSE results day or phone ahead to book an interview appointment*

To enable our students to thrive in their new academic environment, there are certain prerequisites prospective students will need to achieve to be eligible for a sixth form place interview.

To gain an initial interview students must hold 5 Level 2 Qualifications at grade C or above.

In addition to this, we believe it is extremely important to ensure our returning A-level students are placed on the correct courses from the beginning. As such, a candidates Level 2 results will be translated into an average point score (APS) as outlined below to provide guidance on the best pathway to success for our students.

Each of a students top 8 Level 2 results will be given a score as follows:

A* = 58

A = 52

B = 46

C = 40

D = 34

E = 28

These scores are then added together and an average taken (divided by 8) to give the students APS. This APS will then be used at interview to make sure the best combination of courses are selected.

4 A-level pathway


3 A-level pathway


A-level/Vocational Mixed pathway


Coupled with these entry requirements and guidelines, individual academic departments have set out subject specific requirements as follows:


Please find out latest publications attached below for your information.

Sixth Form Admission Form 2019


Sixth Form Dress Code

As with behaviour, there are high standards and expectations of dress code on all Year 12 and 13 students. Please follow the links below for more details -

Sixth Form Uniform