1 of 3 IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION - Bendy Man Clocks —Some of these clocks were issued to students earlier this year for raising money for Lepra. Please follow the important safety advice -

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Student-related emails: 7054003@capita-intouch.co.uk

Senior Staff

Head Teacher: Ms S Moore

Deputy Head Teacher: Mr J Coole

Assistant Head Teachers: Mr J Kinley, Mr D Samson, Mr A Scarlett

School Business Manager: Mrs K Darlow

Directors/Deputy Directors of Key Stages

Director of Key Stage 3: Mrs K Fernandes

Deputy Director of Key Stage 3: Miss H Libreri

Director of Key Stage 4: Mrs J Steriopulos

Deputy Director of Key Stage 4: Miss N Arthur

Director of Key Stage 5: Mr S Slack

Director of Studies: Mrs A Walker

Contact Details

Tel: (01624) 841000
Email: QE2Enquiries@sch.im

Douglas Road
Isle of Man

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