Attending Sixth Form is a choice that you have made to further your education. The school day runs from 8:55 to 3:45 and we ask all students to treat attendance at Sixth Form as you would in a full time job. In short, this means that you are expected to; be in school before registration, attend all of your lessons and use study periods appropriately.

Your sixth form agreement states that you will maintain 95% attendance or higher. As such, falling below this figure will result in interventions being put in place by your tutor and ultimately the Key Stage 5 team. Should concerns continue you will be placed on attendance concern as outlined below.


Students arriving late into school before the end of tutor time at 9:20 need to go straight to their tutor bases to sign in. Those arriving after 9:20 need to sign in at the main office. More than two late marks in a week will require you to make the time up after school on a Monday.


Absences due to illness need to be reported to the school by a parent/carer at the earliest possible opportunity to the main office on the first day of the absence. Please note a truancy enquiry will be raised if no reason is given for absence. A medical letter is required for prolonged absences.

Planned absences should be formally requested via a Sixth Form Leave of Absence Form (for short term absences less than a week) or a letter to the Head Teacher (for longer absences and special consideration). Leave of absence will not be given for non-essential travel and family events (e.g. music festivals).

Sixth Form Special Leave of Absence Form

Break and lunch

Sixth Form students are permitted to take their lunch off school site, however they must sign out at reception when doing so.

Study leave

Study leave is granted for students in Y12 and 13 studying for external examinations in the form of a half day prior to the exam.

Y13 general study leave begins at the end of May and due to the nature of linear courses. There will be no general Y12 study leave.