We believe that our Sixth Form students should be more than just the grades they achieve. As such we offer a series of both academic and applied enrichment options to ensure our students leave us with practical and life skills as well as valuable qualifications.

General Enrichment

All students in Year 12 will undertake the Sixth Form Challenge, which involves:

- Undertaking break duties around the school site

- Assisting in a lower school class or club of your choice

- Becoming a KS4 mentor or KS3 tutor assistant

In addition to this, on Wednesday mornings and Thursday afternoons, Year 12 students will be able to undertake one of the following courses.

- [http://www.coyc.im/ Junior achievement]

- [http://www.oneworldcentreiom.org/tag/charity-chall... Charity challenge]

- [http://www.mha.org.uk/ Befriending]

- [https://www.sportsleaders.org/ Sports Leaders Award]

Academic Enrichment


Students have the opportunity to undertake an EPQ during their time in Sixth Form. This is an independent project based qualification worth 50% of an A-level (and UCAS points) that involves 120 hours of independent work. Students will receive support and feedback from a staff supervisor and the EPQ coordinator throughout the course.

The EPQ is increasingly recognised by universities and we have seen a number of students having this included as part of a university place offer or indeed gaining reduced offers upon successful completion. Students typically begin their EPQ in Y12 and complete it at the start of Y13.

[http://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/projects/aqa-certif... Please see the link below for further information on the qualification from AQA.]

Further Maths and Core Maths

Those students seeking to extend their mathematics studies or add some functional mathematical skills can opt to study Further Maths or Core Maths qualifications respectively.

Further Maths can be taken as an AS or full A level option and Core Maths can be taken as an AS option. Core maths is currently offered as a collaborative subject at CRHS.