Here you will find information about some of our earlier fundraising initiatives and some of the donations we have been able to make.

September 2021

Earlier this year, QEII High School Association agreed a donation of £200 to the Design & Technology Department to assist with the purchase of materials for the design and manufacture of a Soapbox Derby kart. Sadly the event wasn’t able to go ahead, however, the kart was able to be used instead at Peel Carnival back in August.

We’re sure you’ll agree that the finished kart really does look fantastic!!


September 2021

Pictured are QEII High School Association Committee members, Kelly and Lisa, with a cheque for £15, 007.35.

The Charity kindly donated the funds to the School to assist with recent purchases, including stage lighting and audio equipment, annual Prize Giving prizes, resources for the QEII Pride Event, Covalent Chemical Jigsaws and 2 Table Tennis tables.

A BIG THANK YOU to all of our loyal supporters! The funds were very gratefully received and it is with your continued support that we can make these purchases happen! J


December 2020

Recently we were delighted to welcome Patricia and Colin from the local Co-op in to School to see the tropical fish tank, located in Support for Learnng, which was funded through the generous donations from the Co-op Local Community Fund.

The tank has been a great success with students being involved from the beginning. They have set up the tank, selected the fish and taken responsibility for feeding and the upkeep and maintenance of the tank. Other aims of the tank are to provide a calming focus that students (and staff) can look to whilst in the room, and also to provide learning opportunities for all students including Biology, Water Chemistry and Art and Creativity.

So far, we have a huge range of fish species as well as a Zebra Snail, two Crabs and two Wood Shrimps!

Thank you once again to the Co-op for their very generous support!


Friday 13th March 2020 - Coffee Morning

A HUGE thank you to Paddy and June at St Patrick’s Hall who had set up the tables and kitchen beautifully and who taught us the etiquette of the coffee morning circuit. Milky coffees were the order of the day!

Thanks especially to the gents and ladies who turned up and supported our charity. Over £300 was raised in just 2 hours which is incredible!


November 2019

This month our hard working friends at the Co-op have gifted the charity the incredible sum of £15,273.27 !!

These funds have been realised over the past year via your Co-op Membership cards linked to QEII High School Association as the chosen charity.

The Coop will continue to support the charity in 2020. Please keep shopping there and clocking up the dividend for yourselves plus the bonus to charity. Check if friends and family have done this too. It only costs £1 to join.

For more information about Co-op Membership, please pick up a leaflet in store or visit


QEII High School students, staff and the School Association Treasurer and Chairman are pictured collecting the cheque from a Co-op representative.

February 2019


The Performing Arts Department would like to publicly thank the School Association for their generous funding of ‘Stage in a Box’, which is now being used as part of Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 lessons, exploring the more technical aspects of theatre design and lighting. The set is pictured below – very professional!!


September 2017

Our Science Department have recently been the grateful recipients of funding from the School Association which has allowed them to buy ten new state-of-the-art microscopes. Mr Buchanan, Head of Science, said “Our current microscopes were of a high standard in their day but some of them are nearly as old as the school and we can no longer get parts for them. Without the help of the School Association making large one off purchases like this is very difficult. These microscopes will serve the school for a minimum of another 20 years which is a great legacy for all those involved in raising the funds. I would like to thank members of the School Association, and those who attend their events, for their help on behalf of the Science Department and the students here at QEII High School”.