Notices for Monday 24th February 2020

Duke of Edinburgh meeting - TOMORROW at 1.30 in room 6.

Please attend as we need to check on your sections and decide on an aim for your expedition.

Thank you.

Miss C.Courmont

Year 10 Work Experience

The database is now available for you to view. If you are opting to use the database, rather than self-place, and you see a job that you like then you can add it to your shortlist. DO NOT contact any employers who are already on the database directly to self-place. If it is on the database, you must apply for it through the database! Please remember that more placements are still being added to the database so there is no hurry at this stage to make your selections.

The deadline for database selections is Friday 13th March. You must make 6 selections and be willing to go to any of them. You can rank them in order of preference and there is also a ‘Personal Statement’ tab where you can say why you have chosen the placements and what makes you suitable for them.

Please also remember to keep an eye on the ‘Notice Board’ on the database as this has useful information and tells you which employers DO/DO NOT wish to be contacted.

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