KS3 (Y7, Y8 & Y9)

Guidance for students working and learning at home

Getting Help

Thank you for making the time to support your children in accessing the work being set by teaching staff. If you have any problems with this, please let us know via enquiries.

Guidance has been issued for when a class or larger groups of students are required to work remotely due to partial school closure.

Online Learning Provision Guidance for Parents

Online Learning Presentation- 4th November


Assignments are to be set according to students school timetables.

Approximate amount of work to follow:

KS3 (Y7, Y8 & Y9)

Maths – 3.5 hours per week

English – 3.5 hours per week

Science – 2.5 hours per week

All other subjects - 1 hour per subject per week

KS4 (Y10 & Y11)

Maths - 4 hours per week

English - 4 hours per week

Science - 3 hours per week (1 hour for each science)

Options Subjects - 2 hours per week per subject

KS5 (Y12)

All - 5 hours per week per subject

Collaboration students would be included in all assignments

set and feedback given.

Live Sessions

Either teaching live or feedback/discussion sessions with whole group or smaller groups live.

Live sessions to coincide with students existing timetables.

See full ‘QEII Provision for Online Teaching and Learning Parents’ for details on live sessions guidance.

KS3 (Y7, Y8 & Y9)

Minimum of once a week for

Maths, English and Science; and for

other subjects a minimum of once every two weeks.

KS4 (Y10 & Y11)

Minimum of once a week for all subjects.

KS5 (Y12)

Minimum of three lessons should be allocated

for live sessions each week.

Accessing Google Meet

Assigning Work and Feedback

Assignments should be set via Google Classroom, irrespective of the platform to be used.

Work is to be assigned following students school timetable, with a timely hand in date.

A hand in date is to be used so students can use the Google Classroom 'to do list' to organise themselves.

Written feedback on assignments will be given on a minimum fortnightly basis for KS3/KS4 and a minimum of weekly for KS5.


Tutors will make group live contact with tutees at 11am daily via Teams, Zoom or Google Meet.

Students attendance at these sessions will be monitored.

Students will complete a range of activities focussing on organisation and wellbeing over the lockdown period.

Subject teachers to keep a record of students not accessing assignments or attending live sessions.

Each subject area has outlined the content of their courses across all years as well as highlighted useful websites and online resources on their curriculum pages. This can be accessed via Subject Information.

Each of your child’s classes also has an online space on Google Classroom where they are able to contact their teacher.

Please see instructions attached for how to use an XBOX or PlayStation as an alternative home learning device -


ICT Support Videos

Videos for accessing Google applications have been created and added below.

How to submit assignments on Google Classroom Helpsheet

Content from DESC

Secondary Guidance for Remote Learning

Live Session Safety Statement

Remote Learning Protocol

Safeguarding and Remote Distance Education