The Safer Schools App which was launched by Zurich Municipal and online safeguarding experts, Ineqe Safeguarding Group back in 2018.

Since then, it has been rolled out across thousands of schools in the UK. The App combines the expertise of a range of safeguarding professionals to provide staff, parents and carers and young people with a greater understanding of the digital space, trends and emerging risks, as well as education about frequently used online language, social media buzzwords and credible video contact. After piloting the App with a selection of primary and secondary schools, it was launched on Island in September 2019.

The App is FREE to download and, amongst other things, it provides information about social media and how to block, mute and report anything that either you (or your child) may find worrying - from images to comments from online bullies.

The App will also give alerts for potential safeguarding issues, including dangerous online chatrooms, and there are weekly Safeguarding Soundbites podcasts giving all the latest safeguarding news that you need to be aware of.

Through their access, children can seek information that is relevant to them and you will receive tips and advice on how to keep them safe online. The App will also help you create healthy media habits, limit screen time, learn about scams and keep your personal data safe.

The App can be downloaded by following the instructions below –

Step 1

Search for ‘Safer Schools’ on the Apple App Store or on Google Play (it can be downloaded onto more than one device).

Step 2

Enter ‘Queen Elizabeth II High School’

Step 3

For the Parent/Carer page enter the code 7675

For students – Lower Secondary (Key Stage 3) the code is 3447

For students – Middle Secondary (Key Stage 4) the code is 4898

For students – Upper Secondary (Key Stage 5) the code is 1544

More information about Safer Schools can also be found on the Isle of Man Government website by following the link below -