10th June 2020

Dear Parents / Carers
I hope you are enjoying a good TT break – very strange with no roads closed, although the weather seems to be as usual.
I thought it might be helpful to remind you of some arrangements for next week.
Only those students who have a booked place in the hub will be able to come to school on 15th June. Thank you for completing the form to apply for a place. Students at school will continue to do the remote learning set by their teachers. Everyone else will still be working from home. The only exception is Y12 who may come in for some taught sessions as set out in the timetable issued before TT fortnight ie afternoons only.
We have been instructed that there will be no hot meals served in school. Children can choose to bring in their own packed lunch or purchase a packed lunch from the school dining room using their lunch card. Free school meals vouchers will continue and any child on FSM who is in the school hub can also have a free packed lunch.
Looking ahead, at the moment, unless COMIN decides otherwise, I am assuming that from 22nd June Y10 will be able to attend school. If we are observing 1m social distancing by this point, we will work on all students being able to attend school from 8.45-2.30pm. This will give them 5 hours of lessons a day with a half hour lunch break. If we are still observing 2m at this point, then we will not be able to have the whole year group in and I will make alternative arrangements. I am assuming we will know by next week so I will send further details then.
For the rest of this term, we are suspending the usual school uniform rules. I would ask, however, that children are decently dressed ie not too much bare flesh on show.
Thank you for your patience in coping with all of this. I appreciate that uncertainty is difficult to manage. Let’s hope that if the Island continues with no Covid-19 cases, we will soon be able to open as normal for all students. In the meantime, we are following the guidance from public health to keep all of us safe.
Kind regards

Sue Moore