16th June 2020
Dear Parents/Carers
I write to confirm the wonderful news you may have heard on the media – all students in years 7-12 (obviously not Y11 or 13) will be able to return to school as normal on Monday 22nd June. We have decided to stick to the original plan of not requiring children to wear uniform for the rest of this term, as they may have grown and it will save having to replace items before September. As previously requested, please limit the bare flesh – we do need children to be decent! Of course, if children prefer to wear uniform, they may.
Advice from public health is that we should continue to practise good hygiene habits – clean clothes and frequent handwashing. We have additional handwashing stations at school to assist with this. Ideally children should bring in their own equipment – pens, pencils etc – rather than sharing each other’s. They will need PE kit for Games and PE. If your child is unwell, please do not send him or her to school and notify us in the usual way.
Children will return to their previous timetables with the exception of Y9, who will have revised timetables to continue with their GCSE options they have started working on while at home. This will mean that, far from being behind, they will actually have a head start on studying for their GCSEs.
We will also be able to resume the usual meals service. As far as I know, the buses will also be returning to their usual service.
I have been told that the risk at the moment is almost nil and therefore hope that you will all decide to send your children back to school. We can get a lot of work done in the remaining 5 weeks of term. It will be almost impossible for teachers to continue to provide remote learning whilst they are teaching full time in school. If, however, you do decide to keep your child at home, please notify the school.
I am really looking forward to seeing all the children again. Thank you all so much for the support you have given the school, all the kind messages and appreciation of the hard work by the staff during this very challenging time for everyone. We pride ourselves on being a community school and I think the experience of the past few months has really exemplified that community spirit. Thank you all.
Best wishes
Sue Moore