March 2021 - Support during School closure

Isle Listen and the Youth Service Listening Service are continuing to offer valuable support to young people whilst schools remain closed.

There are links to a range of resources here on our school website. They are also able to offer a limited number of 1-to-1 support sessions via telephone or online appointments.

To arrange an appointment you can contact:

Isle Listen have also created an online ‘Lockdown Guide’ which can be found here:

School can also help with referrals. Just email our pastoral support team via

Please note that any student in years 7- 9 will require parental consent before engaging in 1-to-1 listening sessions.

March 2021 - Isle Listen discuss Male Mental Health

Everyone’s mental health may be suffering at the moment due to lockdown. Some may be better at dealing with it than others. Isle Listen have a number of resources about maintaining general mental health for all should you need it.

This video, however, discusses the staggering statistics around mental health and men. George and Steve from Isle Listen discuss male mental health and include simple exercises to help improve positive mental health and they also discuss how to support those around you. Never before has it been more important to check on your friends and ask “are you okay?”

March 2021 - Isle Listen Lockdown Resource Pack

Isle Listen, our in school listening service, have put together a ‘Lockdown Resource Pack’ which has high level tips and support advice to help students and their families during lockdown.


Mental Health Awareness Week.

Please see below for some useful YouTube videos and links -

(Isle Listen – Kindness) (The Guardian – Why Kindness is Important) (Isle Listen – Different but Better) (Isle Listen – 5 Ways to Wellbeing) (Isle Listen – Staying Connected) or (Lots of resources to help you manage your mental wellbeing) (BBC - MHAW and Being Kind 2020) (Childline generally has a lot of great tips on mental health and offers support) (NCCP – Self Care Activities) (Mind – How to seek help for your mental health) (MHF - How to support someone with mental health)

Support for Parents and Carers during Covid-19 to help with online safety at home -

To help support students and parents through this difficult time we have collated a range of documents published by DESC and links to online resources designed to offer help and guidance.




Isle Listen have vey kindly put together and shared a wide range of resources that you may find useful:

Help Sheets and Guides

These are short documents with tips and ideas to support mental wellbeing during this challenging period.











Videos and podcasts

Isle Listen have a number of short videos and podcasts around current topics and mental wellbeing and they range from short tips, to personal stories and training content. They can be accessed via our own YouTube channel -