All the fiction books in the library are now arranged by genre to make finding books that you like easier. Not sure which author to try next – simply checkout other books within your preferred genre. However, make a change and challenge yourself to reading a different type of book from that which you normally read; choose a biography or non-fiction book.Whatever you choose, try it, read it – enjoy it!!

The genres for the fiction books are as follows:

Historical/Sagas – encompassing not only books set centuries ago, but also those set perhaps not so many years ago. Also included are family sagas which often span several generations within the family setting. 'The Letter' by Kathryn Hughes which is set both in modern days and also in 1939; and 'Alone in Berlin' the story of how one ordinary German wages his own form of resistance to the Nazis following the death of his only son.

Romance/Family – this genre surely needs no explanation! Authors within this group include Cecilia Ahern, Kate Atkinson, Rachel Hore – the list goes on and on!

Teen Girl – exactly what it says! Books that are perhaps a more girly read, such as 'Star Crossed' by Jo Cotterill and 'Boy Trouble' in the Ask Amy Green series of books by Sarah Webb.

Teen – this group includes books that would appeal to all students – 'Dear Bruce Springsteen' by Kevin Major – a boy writes to the rock star in the hopes of becoming famous himself one day, or 'Infinite Sky' by C J Flood – a family of travellers set up an illegal camp at a farm, which has a knock on effect for the residents.

Sports & Hobbies – not just football but lots of sporty activities and dancing too – 'Billy Elliot' byMelvin Burgess will need no explanation I’m sure!

Horror – this genre is very popular and includes a myriad of authors from Stephen King – an author who has had many of his books turned into movies; to James Herbert whose book 'The Fog' is a cult classic!

Fantasy – a very expansive genre covering vampires, witches, fairies – you name it, there is a book in this section with that fantastical creature in it! Authors include J K Rowling, Gareth Nix, Derek Landy, Elizabeth Kay and many more.This is a very popular genre for students.

Action & Adventure – James Bond, Dan Brown, Andy McNab – spies, secret agents, SAS operatives and even cowboys!

Science Fiction: fantasy with a potential of becoming reality? Who knows? The 'Maze Runner' series by James Dashner is ever popular and why not try 'Extinction Point' by Paul Antony Jones – the day the red rain fell, wiping out humanity and attempting to replace it with alien life!

Crime, Mystery & Detective – this obviously includes the usual suspects – Agatha Christie, Karin Slaughter, Sherlock Holmes – both the original Sherlock, and books written under licence by other authors.

Animal Stories – think James Herriott, Watership Down, Charolotte’s Web….

Short Stories – for that very quick read!

Humour – of all kinds! 'How Loud Can You Burp?' – the answers to questions you didn’t like to ask, or Jack Gantos’ 'I Am Not Joey Pigza' – and many more – L Pichon, Anne Fine, Terry Dreary …..

Manga/Graphic &Cartoon – this genre is VERY popular and there are more books on order! The Manga books are unusual in that they are read from back to front!! There are also Alex Rider novels in graphic form as well as Artemis Fowl novels.

Contemporary Classic – Arthur Ransome’s 'Swallows and Amazons', Nina Bawden’s 'Carries War' – the list goes on!

Plus specific authors such as Michael Morpurgo, Jacqueline Wilson and Lemony Snickett; we have the 'Horrible' series of books – Histories, Geography and Science and also book on Games, Puzzles and Jokes.

And remember, if you don’t see the book you really want to read, then ask!! Students are encouraged to have a book with them for silent reading sessions – the library is open daily from 8.30am until 8.50am and also after school until 4.30pm, as well as break and lunchtimes so there are really no reasons for student not to have a reading book in school!!

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