The QE2 Computing Department aims to provide students with an understanding of how the technology they use works and to develop their computational thinking skills so that they can solve problems using computers. We seek to provide students with a range of ICT skills that will support students’ use of new technologies to find and present information. It is our intent that the students at QE2 are able to independently make use of ICT across their curriculum subjects and are inspired and prepared for the next level of study or the workplace.

The computing department has high expectations of our students in terms of progress and behaviour. The subject draws upon and develops knowledge and skills from a range of other subjects outside of Computing including D&T, Graphics, Maths, Science and PHSE and embed literacy and numeracy skills through software development and problem solving. Our well-planned lessons use explicit modelling of skills and provide opportunities for practice and individual problem solving. We make use of spaced retrieval practice to help students retain what they have learnt. We have regular assessments to monitor progress and to re-enforce the importance of understanding as well as application.

The Computer Science pathway provides an academic exploration of computing, with a focus on how computers work, computational thinking, programming and problem solving. Qualifications can be gained at GCSE and A-Level preparing students for Degrees, Apprenticeships and the workplace. The ICT pathway provides a more practical approach to using technology, focussing on using applications in the workplace; finding, processing and communicating information. Qualification that can be gained at Level 2 (PC-Passport) and AS/A-Level ICT, preparing students for the workplace or for further study.

Subject Leader - Mr M Long

Department Staff - Mr M Long, Mrs S Delaney, Mr B O'Sullivan,

Mr A Sinclair, Miss E White

Here you will find information about what students will study in their curriculum subjects at each Key Stage.

Further resources can be found on the QE2 Computing Website.

Computer Science

Curriculum Overview


Curriculum Year Maps





Curriculum Overview


Curriculum Year Maps





Online Learning Resources

For subject specific resources please check your google classroom and QE2 Computing Website

Key Stage 3

KS3 Scheme of Learning Overview

Y7 ICT/Computing Curriculum 2019-2020

Y7 M1 - How Computers Work

Y7 M2 - Basic Skills

ICT/Computing Y8 Curriculum 2019-20

Y8 M1 - Encoding Data

Y8 M2 - Editing Bitmap Images

Y8 M3 - Scratch

Key Stage 4

ICT/Computing Y9 Curriculum 2019/20

Y9 M1 - How Computers Work

Y9 M2 - Word Processing

Y9 M3 - Python

ICT KS4 Options 2018-19

ICT (PC Passport) KS4 Options 2018-19

Computer Science KS4 Options 2018-19

Key Stage 5

Computer Science KS5 Options 2018-19

ICT KS5 Options 2018-19

If you have any questions about your child's studies, please contact their Form Tutor or relevant Head of Subject.

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