Physical education is hugely important towards the mental, physical, and social well-being and personal development of pupils. The curriculum will empower and inspire learners to live healthy, active lifestyles during and after their time at QE2. We aim for students to explore a wide range of physical activities to find their sporting passion. We want students to build an extensive knowledge and understanding of these activities to develop competence to be able to participate in the wider community, either competitively or recreationally, beyond lessons with the assistance of local club links. All students should achieve and aspire to their own relative success by learning the key skills, tactics, and concepts that enable them to build their confidence to enjoy and thrive in a variety of activities.

Our students will demonstrate and develop their personal values of courage, aspiration, respect, and endeavour of which sport has the unique opportunity to develop in a wide range of settings. We want our students to show an enthusiasm for sport in wider society and an awareness of current moral and social issues that sport can shine a light on. Students will explore a range of social, psychological, and sporting concepts and an understanding of how the body works within the context of physical activity.

Students will be given the tools to enable them to perform at a high level or further study the subject.

Subject Leader - Mr M Callister

Department Staff - Mr M Callister, Mr P Carine, Mr A Cartney,

Mrs B Dunn, Mr P Hennessy, Mrs L Miller,

Miss H Riley, Mrs J Steriopulos

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