The QEII ASDAN CoPE curriculum provides an alternative to the more traditional knowledge and exam based GCSEs. The course is wholly dedicated to equipping students for life after school, focussing on six core life skills; team work, presenting, research, problem solving, discussion, improving own learning & performance, all completed through a choices of tasks from varying themes. Students will have the opportunity to contribute to community and environmental projects helping to build respect for others and our wider environment. We aim to empower students to be independent learners who can take responsibility for their own progress and learning.

Unlike many other subjects our curriculum is fluid and bespoke to every student in the cohort. Every student is supported and encouraged to select tasks that are of interest to them, helping them follow new or existing interests. The variety tasks available build on both cultural capital and practical life skills, helping to develop student’s courage and aspiration for the future beyond school.

Subject Leader - Mr P Carine

Department Staff - Mr P Carine, Miss H Riley

Curriculum Map


For more details about the assessment specification, please access information through the link ASDAN Specification

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