No matter what sector of industry students find themselves in after completing their educational journey, they will need to understand the nature of business organisations and how they operate effectively. Running a successful business can transform not only your own fortunes but also the lives of others, as potential customer or employee.

Business studies is a great way to prepare for lifelong learning in fields of business and management, equipping you with the knowledge to start up your own business or follow a career in finance, accounting, marketing or management. It will also enhance a wide variety of vocational skills, including the ability to carry out research, how to structure reports and tools for analysing financial documents.

Our curriculum will introduce you to a broad range of business theory including business ownership, human resources, marketing and finance. In addition to learning about traditional theory, you will also be required to consider the health, social and ethical issues surrounding business decisions and the impact they have on stakeholders. You may have little or no prior knowledge of business themes and concepts therefore it is important that you grasp the key terms that will enable you to articulate yourself effectively. Key terms are used regularly with the aim that you further deepen the richness of your business vocabulary.

Subject Leader - Mr P Hampson

Department Staff - Mr P Hampson, Mr J Parr

Here you will find information about what students will study in their curriculum subjects at each Key Stage. If you have any questions about your child's studies, please contact their Form Tutor or relevant Head of Subject.

Curriculum Overview 7-11


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Please see Google classroom specific articles and content. Use of tutor2u can also be used to help support content understanding.

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