Being part of a learning journey within Performing arts at QEII develops you as a student to be confident, creative in how you look and interpret the world around you, to have an informed understanding with endless curiosity. You will develop individual performance skills through Music, Dance and Drama which are always led through a creative journey. You will have the ability to deal with differing perspectives, to develop communication, reflection and collaboration skills with others and become intellectual in your understanding of different cultures and contexts.

You will have the opportunity to deepen your school experience and participate in learning beyond the classroom to create community through whole-school productions, concerts and showcases for live audiences. These providing rewarding activities that inspire, inform, stimulate, challenge and entertain.

All three subject areas and curriculums work in partnership with different island organisations and affiliates to give you different opportunities and experience things such as performances from professional organisations.

Throughout your learning journey as a student you will be able to secure a cultural capital with the power to confidently express yourself with clarity in a range of situations both in and out of your comfort zone handling responsibility and new challenges beyond the walls of the classroom.

Subject Leader - Miss J Withey

Department Staff - Miss J Withey, Mrs E Lewis,

Mrs H Greenlees, Mr J Kinley

Below you will find information about the specific areas studied under Performing Arts- Dance, Drama and Music.

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